Reviews of Cameron Siegal’s “World Junk,” released 2015.

Wow! A tour de force through beautifully conceived arrangments of Brazilian & African inspired compositions, strongly infused with jazz & funk, nice violin, cool flute, jazz piano, steel pan(!), prayer bowl(!), & more- really creative and gorgeous! – Jeffrey Pascoe, WRUV Burlington VT

Siegal is a veritable ‘walking, breathing instrument’ with a commitment to drums and percussion that moves beyond the banalities of execution, to the realm of ‘a calling.’ Siegal’s work on “World Junk” betrays an exceptional drummer/percussionist growing in talent and artistic stature, right before the ears ; charting new, exciting conceptualizations of jazz, and the world of exotic funk that surrounds it; keeping jazz perennially fresh and profoundly exciting.- C.J. Bond,

This drummer isn’t yet in his 30s but he plays with a combination of youthful energy and maturity that grabs you by the ear right out of the box. A world beat set that isn’t your father’s world jazz … making a joyful noise that has you looking in so many directions at once that you aren’t sure where to look first. Fun stuff that doesn’t fit into any of the jazz/world pigeon holes easily, just chalk it up to something that will give you a wild ride that you’re sure to enjoy. Well done. -CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher, MIDWEST RECORD

Evident throughout “World Junk” is the grit and soul in Cameron’s compositions and arrangements, crafted uniquely and embedded with an idea and purpose and created in the communal spirit of jazz, improvisation, and feeling. On tracks “Warm Night, Blue Eyes” and “Two is One”, the collage of melodies, countermelodies, and grooves unfolds playfully while remaining challenging and masterful.  On “Amphibian Hymn” the listener is transported to a breathing sonic world like the sounds of the Forgotten Coast of Florida or the Everglades as tenor steel pan, drums, gongs, and flutes frolic around in the big swampy soundscape. World Junk is Cam’s first footprint in the sand of “world music”, and it’s quite a big footprint. – Derek Jones wVFS Tallahassee 89.7 FM

WORLD JUNK is the debut recording from drummer, percussionist, and composer Cameron Siegal. Cameron’s global musical inspirations are evident as the cast of musicians synthesize world styles, jazz, and funk. The ensemble offers a lyrical and powerful, yet sensitive, rendition of original material, and also arrangements of music by the late South African musician Chris McGregor, McCoy Tyner, and violinist Mark Russell. The Javanese Gamelan-inspired “Amphibian Hymn” is an environmental anthem that Cameron hopes will draw attention to the pollution of the earth and the destruction of our habitat. Six percussionists, steel pan, and flute produce an introspective melody with a blended, lush sound that invokes the feel of the gong orchestras of Southeast Asia. Conversely, Cameron’s raw arrangement of Tyner’s African Village for three saxophones and drum set is energetically propelled forward by West African rhythms and climaxes with a drum and tenor saxophone duet. Throughout the album, you can hear the sincere and spirited musical conversations that result when musiciansfrom different backgrounds come together. -Grady Harp, Vine Voice


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