About Cam

Cameron Siegal is a drummer, percussionist, teacher, and composer residing in Eugene, Oregon. His experience in world and western music styles alike have led to collaborations with Peruvian guitar virtuoso Dr. Carlos Odria, Ghanaian singer and drummer Obuamah Laud Addy, saxophonist, flautist, and percussionist Jorge Continentino, and other talented musicians from diverse backgrounds. Cam’s musical pursuits include drum set, improvisation, West African drumming, song, and dance, Balinese and Javanese Gamelan, percussion of Central and South America, and western percussion ensemble and concert band genres.

Cam completed his Master of Music degree, focusing on Jazz Studies, at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, in 2014, while studying drum set with Leon Anderson, Jr.; while at FSU he was also involved in the West African Drum ensemble (under the direction of the late Wilbur “Baba Hamza” Davis), the Balinese Gamelan (under the direction of ethnomusicologist Dr. Michael Bakan), as well as jazz combos and big bands.

Cam has studied drum set and improvisation with Rakalam Bob Moses at the New England Conservatory, and royal hartigan and Chris Poudrier at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Music. Cam marched in the tenor lines of the Cadets of Bergen County (2007, 2008) and the East Coast Jazz Drum and Bugle Corps (2006).

An in demand drummer and percussionist, Cameron currently leads the Cameron Siegal Worldtet, an ensemble which synthesizes world music and jazz. During his time drumming with the Tom Bergeron Brasil Band, he has played with featured Brazilian artists including Marvio Ciribelli, Dr. Cassio Vianna, and Wagner Trinidade . Additionally, Cameron has drummed for the Criss Cross Afrobeat Orchestra, led by Ghanaian singer and drummer Obuamah Laud Addy, in Providence, Rhode Island; and with the Jorge Continentino Quartet, guitarist Carlos Odria’s latin jazz trio, and the Big Daddy and Red Hot Java Blues Band, in Tallahassee, Florida.